Every Meg Ryan deserves a Tom Hanks

Art moves me like nothing else. And it is even rare that art moves me in simplistic ways..and those are the days when I feel happier, blessed and just so positive. I watched “You’ve Got Mail” for what must have been the 5th time. Movies like these often reduce my leftover ambitions to ashes, because they make me realise the importance of simple things in life. They make me want to lead a simpler life, sitting in a shop around the corner. I really wished yesterday that her mother was alive, and I relived the pain she felt while closing the store. But Tom Hanks lifted my heart up, just like he did it for her. I really wished I too had someone to write to like that. I wished that even if I was in a relationship, the breakup would not be so hard on either of the parties (I loved how they parted..just like friends). These are the kind of movies which show that love can be sweet, romantic, and most of all, simple, uncomplicated, even easy, and breezy; and yet so real. Not all loves should be tragic, after all.  The only tears Meg Ryan shed were for her mother’s hardwork and her small, cozy bookstore. She was not Tom Hanks’ damsel in distress, even if she was in distress.

I have always loved their on-screen chemistry..it is so friendly and romantic at the same time. I mean, I would never want to see something like nudity tarnish the purity that a couple like that bring on screen; speaking of which, 1998 was probably the time nudity was not in fashion, and that’s still such a relief. Nudity is often used to show passion on screen, but You’ve Got Mail and the like make one realise that passion is usually fleeting and it does not last, just like Meg Ryan’s anger for Tom Hanks. A strange thing happened in addition to all these feelings. I wanted to suddenly read children’s books. My heart went out to her as she spelt “Streatfeild”. I really think a mother must be living her second childhood through her child, and in my case, I think I will read out more story books to my child than I had myself read during my childhood. 😛

I have not read something continuous in a really long time, but the urge to write/type is something that has not left me. I can watch this film again, only to see the reaction on Tom Hanks’ face as he struggles to type the perfect reply to her, as an excuse for his absence on their blind date; and finally ends up writing the truth, because he could not have lied to someone he cared for, even if secretly. Or to watch him with his cute dog, Brinkley. I can watch the film again, to watch Meg Ryan say “What is wrong about being personal?” I think I should watch this one whenever life seems cruel, because even though I hated the fact that her small bookstore was forced to shut down, I love the whole feeling that accompanies the movie. Whether it is Sleepless in Seattle or You’ve Got Mail, every Meg Ryan deserves a Tom Hanks, and vice-versa.