Akin to arrows in the air
Are those words
that hit the surface
And penetrate deep within.
When feelings fight foreign fury
to prevent the damage,
seems like the best remedy is to bury, and
‘for the sake of peace’ is the new adage.
Try to locate those arrows:
in muted expressions;
when monosyllables quiver;
during a loud silence;
In the dismal reflection seeking refuge in the eyes; or
In the oft-misinterpreted verse.
‘Logic loathes love’
Has been the recent epiphany
Mincing words is not allowed
Words not uttered beget cacophony
A realisation dawns whilst one sleeps it off
It’s futile to protect the layers
And one dies protecting the invisibility cloak
That has seen the imbalance between the losses and the wins,
and the regeneration of that damned thin skin..


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