1. Silence is the real heavyweight champion.
2. Military uniform is not a prerequisite for martyrdom.
3. Cynicism can be a saviour at times.
4. Patience is a virtue, but it is capable of rearing in its bosom latent vices.
5. Darkness is the refuge where the escapist wants to remain hidden.
6. Excess baggage makes you topple over and lose balance.
7. Express either on-stage or on paper. Or in your dreams. We survived as children ’cause we recited and rehearsed in front of our parents.
8. Rose-coloured glasses are expensive.
9. Not-opening shortly.
10. Never preach. Life will make fun of you.
11. Own up to your mistakes. And try to own nothing else.
12. Laughter is indeed the best medicine.
13. Love is blind, deaf, and mute.


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