I don’t reside in your heart

But you can’t do without me

My pride is the invisible label

‘Cause am I not your best friend?

Inanimate that I am, I do not take offense, my dear

But those words bring me to life

I’m sure it’s applicable to you as well

I give you my unlimited bounty

So you can reflect all and sundry

So we can talk about what’s jaunty or pouty

You inhabit a sea-shell

They would be shell-shocked

If only they knew..

I’ve seen you grow up

ever since you gave birth to me

Get over your fear from ‘forever’

You know you’re safe with me

I can’t judge you

Because I always understand where it all comes from

And I know I’m biased

But I don’t care

as long as you and I belong to each other

Well, it has always been your prerogative

I’m ‘forever’ at your beck and call

You see,

I’m mutable

You’re adaptable

That indeed makes us compatible!

Just a word of caution, dear:

Oceans consist of layers in tints

so keep dropping hints

For I’m your loyal witness to more than a part,

’cause I don’t (have to) reside in your heart



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