All her jewellery got stolen a week ago. Her engagement ring included. She didn’t shed a single tear, even though she looked miserable. Everyone around her is frantically trying to be optimistic by taking care of the mundane details- “Let us lodge an FIR”, “Whom do you have your suspicions on?”, etc etc. But she’s the most realistic of them all. She’s lost hope. The thief took away my preserved daydreams attached to all those pieces of metal, she thinks to herself. He/she shattered the image of the beauty she thought she was. Nothing narcissistic about it, she always liked to dress up not-for-herself. She tries her best to appear practical by not being able to talk much and her eyes seem to have acquired that ‘faraway’ look. If one only cared to look within her soul. She might feel a lot, but she expresses through her dreamy eyes only in the darkness, because that’s when she’s alone, that’s when she retreats from the world and takes refuge in the wonderland she soaks her soul in.

She was stripped off the right to work in a democracy, and not by the Government. She has almost lost touch with the world, but still tries to live in it through a gadget that resembles her best attribute: multi-tasking.  Thank God for the baby, otherwise she would have resented half the world. The baby is the only ‘real’ world she likes to come back to , and she lives for him. There are days when she feels irritated or even angry to the hilt, because she despises routine. She feels suffocated in the monotonous day-to-night-to-midnight schedule. No wonder she hates waking up in the morning. No wonder she sleeps with the covers on her face, only to hide from the world. The only ‘systematic order’ she prefers is the one represented by those imaginary itineraries. “Give me a break”, she wants to shout from the rooftops. Thank God for the loving husband who unfortunately lives 3 hours away, otherwise she would have had no excitement to look forward to. She seems to accept EVERYTHING. The taunts, the mild jokes which pierce through her heart, and the unmet unselfish demands. She’s  the antithesis of another woman who’s tagged as a rebel. But this woman takes it to heart, and either she lets it go or she buries it somewhere. Because she always seems to mend that oft-broken heart. Resilience personified. She’s an epitome of amazing reserve of virtues that goes unnoticed more often than not. She craves for some appreciation because she’s talented; she’s a creative person when at her best.

She is intensely emotional, but cries only during someone’s daughter’s farewell after a wedding, because her tears go unnoticed again. And she had best not express herself. I wonder if anyone has ever seen her worked up, let alone lash out at somebody, for I certainly have not. Often misunderstood, she is amazing at understanding body language and random shifts of expressions. That’s the plane where she operates and breathes. That’s how she communicates. When you don’t understand, she sighs and then tries to forget about it. For the love of escapism that she holds, there exist some things, some slights she has still not been able to let go of (she’s human, after all, unfortunately for her). She loves euphoria, both the band and the feeling. Because she swims in the world inhabited by all things surreal. What music does to her is something only she understands, because she is a closeted singer, and she shies away lest you should catch her singing somewhat melodiously. 😉 You know what, she’s still a little girl inside, who finds her match in her toddler on the dance floor, because she does not want the world to witness how she would look into her husband’s eyes (that look is reserved for him, after all). 🙂 Oh boy, she can tap her feet to the beat (and along the beat)!

She’s that quintessential carefree girl who was compelled to turn into a ‘sophisticated’ woman. She’s an unsolved mystery, and is a colourful personality. She dons those colours to her mood. No wonder she likes to shop, and to pamper herself in the salon, and becomes a transformed individual at parties, but she was kind enough to understand my dislike for all the three things. And I was inclined to be patient towards such a sweet creation of God. This is where her charm lies. She has friends and admirers, many of whom are secret. I am one of those, and I am taking care to not reveal her name here, because she does not like to blow her own horn and is happy to not be in the limelight.

I wish I could tell her that I understand her yearning for freedom, and for her longing to be understood. But she would simply let out another sigh which would simply signal to me that she OKays everything. Folks, she’s not your doormat, so do not treat her like one. Thank your stars and replace ‘pushover’ with ‘easygoing’. She’s a breath of fresh air, and you would do well to invite her aboard a flight of fantasy. She deserves every bit of it in return for her unconditional approach to all the roles she plays so well. She would never talk so much to me, because that’s how she is. She is not comfortable with lying either, so she expressed through her placid eyes, through her subtlety, and through her untarnished purity. And that’s how she confessed it all to me..


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