They lie strewn here and there

I wouldn’t clean the mess this time,

I am too tired..

Dear Mornings,

I’ve fallen in hatred with you,

You’re so in contrast with my world

Why couldn’t you rest for a while,

and let me show my colours?

For I feel empty,

after every exercise that my heart is put to..

I feel too much, and yet too less..

You witness it, don’t you?

It all comes down in an instant

and with every blink,

I close my eyes to the past,

for the past haunts me.

But with every blink,

I open my eyes to the present,

and it taunts me.

The battlefield seems ever expanding

No wonder I feel puzzled and lost..

Snow’s on its way,

I wish it would hold me in its bosom

So I won’t have to feel the chill.

A leaf loses life,

‘Cause the restlessness seems rife

Please do me a favour,

and ask sunshine,

to caress me while I’m asleep

to show me all the beautiful morning dreams that would come true

but to not disturb this slumber, not wake me up..




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