I said in my previous entry that life’s a journey. After contemplating during moments ‘wasted well’, i derived the conclusion (Um, yeah, it may sound repetitive ’cause I’m sure everyone knows) that life’s also a lot  of ironies put together. Shopping for your mother’s gift  and getting scolded by her for arriving home late. Being hated for writing a love letter. A fight with your significant other on the very day you put prayer flags in your room. A scandal that involves you when you don’t even know the ‘who’, ‘what’, or ‘how’ of it, getting to know you got selected for the next level of an exam only after the time for preparation has already passed, losing someone you loved the most when you needed their support more than anything else to keep you going. You have a love for travel, but you spend your life travelling in pursuit of morose jobs. And then there are things like taking a cab to hit a gym, talking and thinking about marriage when you never even considered the possibility of that happening when you had first entered college, waking up to the sound of a ‘break-up’ after you had just told your parents, that earth-shattering moment when you realise your clandestine relationship is not ‘incognito’ anymore, hating children when you yourself were a child once, gambling with earned trust at the cost of euphoric happiness and then losing both former and the latter, feeling irritated with your ‘future would-be’, conquering fear of heights by sinking to the bottom, wanting to cry while letting your hair down at the dance floor,  still being ‘friends’ with a person you no longer talk to, and to think they were your bestest friend. Sigh. Books on emotional intelligence are perused by the most emotionally intelligent people. You maybe a musician, but don’t you lead the most stressful life? You hope for a red rose, but you get a yellow instead. By the way, I consider love at first sight as an irony too. And then comes the list of those unforgivable ironies. Promoting female foeticide when you yourself are a woman, not doing ANYTHING for the masses when you have been elected to do just that, ‘murdering’ the person you were closest to because well, death is more peaceful. How ironic can life get? We’re all mere puppets and no matter how much we say that we shape our future, these ironies always make you see both sides of a situation, and make you have faith in destiny, karma, love, and in a power that overpowers everything else. It puts us to rest, only to make us realise that there’s just no point getting worked up about something that is, well, ‘meant to happen’. We learn this lesson everytime, and we might even prepare for the unknown premonitions and prophesies that come true, but then, someone has rightly said that nothing is more surprising than life itself. Life comes in chapters. But they’re all interconnected. We might close a chapter, but it does exist in our autobiography. “He/She led a happy life”. Do we like something happy to end? Well, here’s to a ‘Happy Ending’. Ironic, eh?


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