I’ve been looking for some inspiration for a while now. One of my closest buddies is pretty secretive about her creative writing, so i’m unabashedly going to thank her for providing me with the inspiration. So i’d like to dedicate this one to all the poets out there. Famous. Infamous. And especially to all those not at all famous. The first and second categories made/make a living out of their creativity. Blessed souls, I must say. The last category are content with having to express. And I feel so lucky to be friends with a few who represent that category. Poetry enters the realm of expression when prose seems insufficient. What is there to say about the girl who wrote all her poems after she was dispossessed of the right to show them to the person she wrote them for? She has the happiest face on the face of this earth, but she drinks like a fish, pours out her story like a novelist, and cries a river. At the other end of the spectrum is the boy who is not much on expression, but his creativity is often underestimated. I wonder if he himself knows about his hidden talent. When he’s overjoyed, he composes for a best friend. He gifts his poetry to another best friend. But he surpasses his own expectations when he writes to sweep someone off her feet. I think he should write often, he’ll end up surprising himself. And that’s what poetry is about. Then there are people who utter poetry when they feel overwhelmed by natural beauty, or by a miraculous feat of achievement. They get amazed at the newly discovered depth within their hearts. That’s what poetry does to us. It hits us, but only to awaken the sleeping creative genius within. Few years down the line, we’ll be going through some yellow pages and would not be able to believe in the veracity of the thing in front of us till we would notice that it’s all in our own handwriting. We really owe it to our friends and foes alike if they make us express artistically. That is why, poetry does not know boundaries. The world of poetry makes room for literally everything, and everyone.

There’s something witty about a poet, even if it is not apparent.There has to be something deeply creative about him or her because, well, they just finished composing a poem, after all! Their words are crystal clear, even if you do not understand the import of such words. So take them seriously. It might sound hurtful, but they reveal their true self to pieces of paper more than they share things with you. Because when they fall speechless, they create. I think poetry gives strength to anyone who’s scared of getting hurt. And trust me, poetry is definitely not scared of anything. Nothing can defeat it. It fears not the wounds inflicted on body, mind and soul, neither the memories that haunt us. It can make a person feel really special, simultaneously making another person feel immaterial. And then it turns the ‘immaterial’ into a poet too (for obvious reasons). It is an escape much better than alcohol, ’cause it can be more intoxicating than alcohol. It can mesmerize and inspire a soul devoid of hope, and it can melt a heart made of steel. It can make an escapist aware of the reality, because poetry is where an escapist comes to term with his/her feelings. It does not feel that scary to confront a piece of paper. Poetry is power unleashed through words inked with tears of happiness or sadness. It is the only place where we do not mind being misunderstood, for we trust that paper with our darkest secrets. But then, we almost immediately begin our quest for the person who might put a finger on what should be fathomed. And how we love that person! But it takes one poet to understand another. If it’s all about understanding the soul, maybe we’re all poets. Maybe the discovery of the poet is all about finding your soul-mate(s). How poetic does that sound now 🙂



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