When the stars are up,
We feel like listening to the sound of music
Turns out, we’re all ears to the sound of rancour
There’s something different about the air
We often wake up gasping for breath
‘Cause they’re like oxygen to us
The shell’s about to burst at the seams
Under it’s own weight it suffocates, it seems
There’s a different connotation to everything tonight
Out of mind and out of sight
Devoid of the limelight
Everything’s so different in hindsight
A delayed poke amplifies into a pang
Sadly of course, a broken heart still sang
We steal a glance at that jaded self
That mirrors someone’s a priori  judgements
They leave us wondering
When they do not wonder
They leave us wandering
When off they go into the yonder
Is it someone’s heartbeat, or is it somebody’s trepidation?
It needs figuring out now
We don’t see rivers merging
Our imagination now gets inspired by a rock
Still waters run deep
We wish they would just peep
We’re not exaggerating
But we’re actually whining
We think too much
’cause they think too less
There are no glitches as such
Ah, but maybe it’s time to clean the mess..



One thought on “Afterthought

  1. Reblogged this on Careless Whisper and commented:

    We invest our life-savings, and often take our own sweet time to skirt
    ‘Cause we’re always so keen on ignoring the dirt
    It’s only when the light becomes powerful
    That the mound does not seem all that wonderful
    We realise too late that we were invisible, and they were blind
    And they make us realise, it’s taboo to be kind
    Up and down, hot and cold, to see and not to see
    So much confusion, adds to the volume of the rising sea
    We paint furiously, sleep curiously
    They love lubriciously
    We are still wide awake, recalling how they always forgot
    And how we’re surely not even an afterthought

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