I start out slow, and I listen to that jazz-style incantation. The languid voice hides the prototype of a poignant background music. I wonder why nobody paid attention. And that’s what intrigues me the most. So I tilt my head to listen to it. At another time of the day, it transforms into a whisper, or shall I say, into the rustle of leaves caressed by the breeze that seems like it just came to life. I look past sunshine to watch the sunset, which offers a panoramic view of the scene that will forever remain embedded in my heart. I am not alone. I have witnesses who fly high in the sky and who dive in the water. Even the water could not be betrayed so easily, and now the river meanders to the tune, and determines its own course. I smile looking at the unknown destination in a far-off land, but I know that this song shall keep me alive as long as it goes on in my heart. 

I feel my heartbeat slacken when I realise that still waters run deep. I gaze at the fish underneath, and then I try to decode the sound they respond to. The only thing I come to know is that there are too many fish out there, and you can catch them, but it takes someone akin to a magician to keep them. I sigh and let go of the momentary delight of basking in the glory of that golden fish. I come back to the bank and I settle down on what seemed like hearth to me. But there is something about the scorching heat that reminds me of an intensity equalled only by glowing embers. When it mingles with the fragrance of those anonymous flowers, it makes me want to sit on a rock with a Spanish Guitar in my hand. I realise that I know zilch about playing a guitar, so I begin to wonder how long this song is, because I listen to it everywhere but it never runs out of sounds. And if it is meant for my ears, I’d do anything to make sure it reaches me on time. Time to quicken my pace, I guess.

I trust my instincts this time, or maybe I don’t. ‘Cause this time, I pray with fervour, importune the uncountable revered species, and beg for forgiveness whenever I do not follow their rhythm. I wish I could make them listen to what happens to be my favourite song these days. I’ll have a hard time shutting my ears to that sound. But then, I don’t want to do that right now. And wait a minute, do I hear it becoming stronger? ‘Cause I’ve been straining my ears all this while, and I will soon get tired. So it better be audible to me. I understand the renditions and try to emulate the best ones. Wonder what’s the source of such beauty..I would like to travel with it. And I would like it to become my lullaby when I would just want to gaze up above the stars. I stand still for a moment, and the next moment, I realise I’m in a daze and I’m dancing passionately on my toes. It’s a whirlwind, and I’m swaying, but I’m at peace. I’m fine. I metamorphose into frozen fire. I become a part of both ice and fire…and since I cannot segregate the two, this is my abode now. 



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