There are some days that remain etched in our memory, and even if we do not recall them, they remain embedded in our heart. Or maybe I should put it this way: there are some people who make those ordinary days so special that you feel like you’re living a dream. During those moments, we learn so much about people, we learn so much about ourselves and we learn so much about life. We learn that there’s more to life than barricading imagination, or veiling it with cynicism, or following a straightjacket formula. Things are not always in our control, but then life definitely plans for us. And we’d do best to switch between channels according to the whims of the only control-freak above. ‘Cause it’s always worthwhile to see broken fragments transform into a whole, it’s a feeling out-of-this-world when friendships are cemented even more strongly, mistakes are forgiven and even forgotten, grudges that had been fermenting just vanish into a heart-to-heart, and you no more feel the need to pinch yourself when you’re listening to what you’re listening . It makes you want to live a new life for someone when they tell you how much you mean to them, and when you bring a smile to someone’s face without them knowing. It feels like a renewed life, reunion, and everything redone, but with rejuvenated fervour. Because humans are not emotionless. We all want to hold on. We never want to let go of something that makes or made us feel alive. Or understood. Or became a part of our ‘comfort zone’. Refurbished bonds are like golden chances. Most of us seek closure, and peace. And when we’re flooding the place with rampant emotions, there’s no room for anything else. And when the rains are over, it’s a revitalised world that we see around us. It’s then we realise that the basic human need is to bond. It’s a need that comes with a heavy price tag, but our job is to make it priceless. ‘Cause the best things in this world are priceless. 


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