There’s something very special about Black and White photos. They often hide flaws you might not otherwise be comfortable with, and they show you in a different light (pun intended). But I often wonder what it would have been like to experience EVERYTHING in BnW. I think that would have driven most of us up the wall. I think white, and I imagine the freshness of doves, the morning sunshine, and the aura of world peace. White exists, so peace must too. Peace is restored after a war, which is represented by black. Black is the world of nothingness, of the darkness that overpowers pairs of eyes that cannot see. Black is mystery wrapped up in an invisibility cloak. Black is magical, and depending on a person, it can be ethereal or devastating.

A truly great friend of mine ably distinguishes between black and white, and I mean, as in life. (Yes, this one is dedicated to her. But like the rest of them, she also has no clue). At times, I try to analyse whether she’s just being cynical or she’s being realistic. My own mind and heart switch between the negative and positive phases, depending upon my capacity or will to open up to someone. So I can relate to her. And I consider her prudent and admire her for a lot of things. Because sometimes darkness can act as a shield to protect us from getting hurt. Speaking of wisdom, these days, my mind is being subjected (on its own) to a lot of ‘surprise’ wisdom. I say ‘surprise’ because its kind of effortless. I have learnt a few lessons, and in a harsh manner. But then, we reap what we sow. But at the same time, I have been pondering various perspectives. Different people, same situations, and utterly different reactions. Different people, different situations, and different thought processes at different times. So I’ve been wondering whether we are not hurting ourselves by holding on to negative energy. I’ve been focussing on the dimensions of the oft-made choices between black and white, darkness and light. I think we really underestimate the ‘gray area’ in our situations. We choose not to look at it when we’re dealing with people closest to us. The best part is that it gives us hope, and it allows us to understand things from a totally different perspective. So much so that we’re bound to think “Why did it not occur to me before?” But not everyone has the capacity to embrace this offbeat colour. But I genuinely feel that it’s worth trying. We  understand someone truly only when we put ourselves in their shoes. And sometimes, it is all about looking at a broader canvas. Colours reflect our inner quest for something deep (That’s why the Colour Personality Test is mostly accurate). It would definitely make for a colourful and happy picture.  Easier said than done, but we most probably will be fooling ourselves by choosing to ignore the various shades of gray.


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