We pride ourselves on our culture, customs, religions, and what not. We are pretty condescending and high-chinned when it comes to bragging about our ‘moral’ or ‘cultural’ superiority. Maybe that’s why we fail to see what lies right in front of our noses. What could be a more profound paradox than a woman being denigrated in the land of so many Gods, and Godesses. The crime rate is going upwards at a drastic pace, so much so that we have subjects dedicated to “Crimes against women”. There’s hardly a woman left nowadays who has not been a victim of eve-teasing, let alone the heinous-as-murder crime of rape. All of us seek safety and security. If sex is considered spiritual, emotional and physical, rape also has all those consequences, in pretty much the same order. Only all aspects are brutally scarred and shattered. And with respect to that, it does not make an ounce of a difference as to what race, caste, or creed or religion a woman belongs to. Rape is rape. Barbarity is unacceptable. In any form. In our country, we’re not brought up to ‘date’ people. Because marriage is considered the ‘ultimate’ commitment. An outcome of those ‘unbreakable vows’ that a couple takes. And any woman will definitely want to trust her husband. Then why do we come across the subject of ‘marital rapes’? It’s as if a man croons in his bedroom, “even those unbreakable vows do not make you safe, woman”. Or maybe he’s waiting for the day/night when his wife shall be sleeping with a (licensed) revolver under her pillow. Would that be called a ‘marriage’? So where and how are we seeking safety and security? The system needs a spark to change, but that spark comprises of only a few people, some of whom spend their whole lives to bring the desired positive changes but never live to see the bright days when it actually happens. So that change comes about at a snail’s pace. Is there anything else we can do? Yes.
I’ve never been a huge fan of the retribution theory of criminal law, but this is a crime where I feel that the most sensible thing to do is to put a full stop to sensibility. They say that prolonged suffering is as atrocious as the crime. It’s high time we learnt to take things in our own stride. We need more sensitivity than sensibility. I think us women should put ‘respect for females’ as #1 on the list of criteria for judging men. (Yes, when it comes to hunting for a life partner, there’s no harm in being ‘sensible’ or judgmental. Better to use both sides of the brain as situation demands. šŸ˜‰ And for all the men out there : be a (gentle)man. A man was created by God to protect a woman, not abuse her. For all your attribution of your barbaric behaviour to your baser instincts, it’s not the moral duty of every random woman passing on the street to fulfill your perverted primal instincts. But it is indeed your moral duty to not treat a woman as a mere object. Because if you don’t fulfill your duty, we’ll have no option but to claim our rights. And that too, in a wrongful manner.
And for all the married men out there, do not take it up as an ego issue if you are denied your conjugal rights for some valid reason(s). A real man will bleed for his woman, not make her bleed to death.


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    I repeat..rape is rape. WHY do we have to bring religion in it, or age, or profession, for that matter? If a 72 year old Christian nun got raped, the discussion should not revolve around the fact that she was a Christian, or an old lady, or a nun. In fact, there should be no discussion. There was a time when the word ‘rape’ in normal conversation would be uttered in whispers. And now, although it is openly discussed, it is done so only to reduce the dignity synonymous with a woman. and not to educate the so-called ‘superior’ sex. Whether it’s driven by misogyny, or lust, or a desire for control/power, it is a heinous act. It is unpardonable. A woman may be strong enough to get up on her feet, but such things scar her for life. As if that is never enough, she can’t even rest in peace after her death.
    Why is there a need to make an issue out of an issue? An act of violence does not need to be voiced, it needs to be silenced. High time the ‘superior’ sex understood, AND complied.

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