Dear Escapist
They say that a mistake gets repeated if it could not teach us the lesson the very first time. I could not agree more. Well, it is indeed a new experience the very first time, but there’s always a strange vibe to things, and well, some humans are born with attached feelers. They can just about handle their own life without you messing up for them. Trust me, you can do that without even actually trying to. In short, you may not have a (mala fide) motive but you nevertheless succeed in your ‘endeavours’. Yet, they choose to ignore things, not because they do not care. Of course they do, you just gotta keep your ears, and eyes open. Try to remember that subtle hint they gave you when they sounded so ambiguous you were left wondering what exactly was the matter with them. And remember that one time when you ‘felt’ as if they were not joking? Well, get a grip on the situation before they swim away. That was a ‘warning sign’ (Jsyk, Coldplay might have started making sense to them now). They also choose to avoid those ‘conflicts’, even if their mind may be ripped apart into pieces by all the otherwise conflicting scenarios their vivid imagination creates for (and against) them. They believe in ‘what goes around, comes around’. But the second time a situation happens, they unfortunately (or fortunately) can be arm(our)ed enough to not see the situation for what it ACTUALLY might be. Maybe they are right on the spot. Or maybe they are simply shooting in the dark. If they are, that’s only because they wouldn’t want to risk the murky ‘peace’. So they settle down on the bed instead and let it all get filtered through their open-ended and unended dreams. (Afterwards, they dissect those dreams).

You know what, my dear, all they wanna do is ASK you innumerable questions (in return for some ‘weighty’ answers; you know what I mean), and there may be an element of surreal-istic surprise in store if you do not show up (or have a showdown with them). I say ‘surreal’ ’cause you just won’t believe it. Even i’m not able to, at times. Um, beware. They might want to shoot you at gunpoint. You certainly do not want to see them when they get possessed by that desire for even a fleeting moment. You may ask, won’t it be prudent to just ASK? Well, yeah, to be honest. But you see, they gotta save a part of themselves. They’ve got to protect themselves. They are often called ‘martyrs’. You may think otherwise, but the truth is that they’ll end up denying the truth if they get even a hint that you’ll do the same. ‘Cause it hurts them that the truth does not matter to you. Or maybe it matters too much. Truth hurts. But it can’t be buried for long. So my request to you is, do not escape this letter. Atleast in print or on paper, truth can be subscribed to. Call it escapism, but there was a reason words were invented. The ink should come to the surface, otherwise it would be a waste.

Where might is not right,
you’ll realise in hindsight,
you were out of sight.Β 

So I only hope, your future is bright

For then, you could easily escape the hindsight


Yours lovingly

P.S.- You are allowed to escape the fact that you haven’t quite figured out what exactly I am trying to tell you. At the moment, you know me the best. Maybe that’s why you escape the rest. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Dear escapist

  1. Is this directed at someone ?

    It is like you have jotted down whatever I feel. It is as if you wrote this for me. πŸ™‚

    1. Yup. Directed to the one addressed. And i’m glad you said that. Thanks πŸ™‚ And that I could help you realise how you feel, and how it all feels. πŸ™‚

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