When Cinderella needed help, the Fairy Godmother flicked her wand and woah! Cinderella’s life was changed forever. Aladdin found the Magic Lamp and The Genie when he was in distress. Magic has lived through most of the fables. I know I talk about magic, fantasy, and Lalaland a bit too much. But this time, it’s for real! Here’s a man who brandished his magic wand and lo and behold! The country is witness to new charms unfolding everyday. I know it’s too early to nitpick or to comment, but the ‘hard taskmaster’ is game for the real battle: the battleground that is his own home, his Motherland. Yes, I’m talking about the ‘brand’ new (pun intended) PM of the country, Mr. Narendra Modi. I admit that I had hardly heard his rally speeches while he and his team had their noses to the grindstone, but when I heard him take the oath for his new future, and for the future of 125 crore Indians, something told me, “Achhe din shayad aane hi wale hain”. We have all reposed our faith in him. We have handed over our future in his hands, and we’ll be indebted if the ‘Modi wave’ can sweep us off our feet! But going by Mr. Modi’s speculated plan of action, we’re not supposed to fly high and fall down eventually. No, we do not have to touch their feet to show the veiled sycophancy. But, we have to remain rooted to the ground.

I’ve been following the papers with ardent interest ever since the new Government has been elected. And I don’t know if something really is different or it’s just the optimism of an average Indian, but change definitely seems to be the thought of each day. Yes, it is indeed expected, ’cause after all, it is a new party which is leading, newly elected leaders have taken their positions and everything is, well, NEW. There are fresh, positive statements all over the newsprint from spokespersons. A certain amount of subtlety surrounds the hustle-bustle. Even the websites look ‘polished’. Something feels exceptionally distinct and yet, it seems to blend in with the euphoria of the masses so well, and that makes it inconspicuous. Mr. Modi has taken it upon himself to lead the Indians, and the countdown to usher in a revived India has begun. He is indeed, a magician, who had to struggle to work his way up the ladder to entice the masses by trying to erase the much talked about blemish of the Godhra riots. But that’s the forte of every greatness that has ever been personified. Greatness is nothing but magic. And struggle is the second name of success. Actually, it’s the first.

Yes, he may come across as a daunting personality, but fearless nonetheless. The Modi Sarkar seems to be made of steel, and has a long way to go. It will have to go through hotter fires in the days to come. Let us all keep alive our hopes and ooze with the confidence that should now have a ‘trickle down effect’ with the source being our very own Modi Sarkar. As for his aides and our representatives in his ‘Sir’kar, samajhdaaro ko ishaara kaafi hai. 🙂


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