It was raining on the harbour

And a ship was all set to sail

It was a magical moment

The euphoria needed my consent

Soon the clouds said goodbye

And the sunshine called out to me “Ahoy!”

The sea stretched out for miles

I was premeditating, looking out at the isles

The mast looked sky-high

Blue waters and a pristine glance forced a lover’s sigh

But the sea suddenly vanished in thin air

Everything was calm, without a sign of despair

The sea slowly made way for many a halt

And I let it all sink in with a pinch of salt

I remember how the weather made our moods sway

Dark nights and murky waters were suddenly on the display

All hell broke loose

It looked no more like a cruise

We braved it till we saw the dent

Fought till we witnessed the descent

My heart was back in its place

And I was enjoying living out of the suitcase

Amid the languid shows of weather

Were to be seen flashes of the tether

To me, the waters underneath the deck often whispered their secrets

And I often pondered over the dying sunsets

The horizon filled me with hope

And with the belief that I could cope

One day, when the setting sun burned the sea

I realised, the raindrops above wanted to flee

It rained again, they were running

But my feet were not moving

As I stood getting drenched in the rain

I felt it all at once, happiness and pain

No, I was not sane

‘Cause I could see my window pane

It felt like a distant land

Just now, the ocean had existed alongside ridges of sand

“It’s gone”, a voice stated

I suddenly felt jaded

I am floating, and so are hundred visions in front of me

Wait, do I see the sea?

It beckons me towards an unintended doom

Yet again, I visualise the neverending expanse of gloom

Long forgotten and pallid seems the wilted bloom

My feet do not move again, so I sit locked up in the bedroom


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