Moral of the Story : Part 3 (The secret to a happy marriage)


One thought on “Moral of the Story : Part 3 (The secret to a happy marriage)

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    It just occurred to me..the futility of swooning over those photographs of the would-be bride, and the would-be groom, and of the judgements on fairness quotient, the difference in heights, the hotness quotient. Will it matter in the next 20 years? Or more like, SHOULD it matter? If it matters that it will matter in the future, the marriage might as well not happen. Because a real marriage grows out of a commitment to grow old with each other. To be with each other even when she might develop breast cancer, or he might develop Alzheimer’s. It means holding each others’ hands till eternity. No matter what happens. It means going through shared ups and shared downs in life. In short, doubled happiness, and halved sorrows. It’s highly ironic, isn’t it? To be on the lookout for a photogenic bride or groom, because one day, she will get pregnant. Her body will change. Nowadays, a wife can only hope that the husband does not change for the worse during those 9 months. A few years down the line, he might start snoring. Nowadays, a husband should also pray for the safety of the marriage. A few more years down the line, they will inevitably have wrinkles on their bodies, and now I am hoping that should a marriage get sustained for that long, it should keep away from the evil eye(s).
    Seriously, will that photogenic beauty matter after all that time? The only thing that will matter shall be the smiles on their faces, and happiness in their misty eyes while watching their transient youth framed on the wall, and yet feeling young at heart. I am starting to wonder if “I want to grow old with you” isn’t a more flattering confirmation of love than “I love you”. For a change, ‘old age’ would sound flattering, even exciting. Harry should have said this one-liner to Sally, instead of his dialogue. But then, he did it Sally style. The right guys (aka ‘real’ men) know WHAT to do and HOW to say. But all right guys (aka ‘real’ men) should mean the same, no matter how far-fetched HOW and WHAT get. 😀

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