1. They pretend to be engrossed in their phones (probably typing this very sentence) so as not to look like a solitary alien, ’cause everyone around is chattering and they have nothing to talk about and nobody random to say ‘Hi’ to.

2. Some of them can’t explain their food habits to many people. Ah, it’s exhausting.They are probably thinking, “Sorry, please go home accepting we’re peculiar. Period.”

3. The ‘reasons’ you might be used to listening almost NEVER apply to them, and that’s why they choose not to tell you. Don’t take offense. Just be glad they’re not going to bore you with details that will make you lose your patience.

4. They’re quite capable of making a sandwich without the ‘essential’ things. You get the point? No? Time to spend some energy trying to explain again. Well, it’s simply not that ‘essential’ for them.

5. They concentrate better when they write (often forgetting what they were doing while at it) When reading non-fiction, they can wander off into some self-created fiction. When reading fiction, they almost forget you. (and sometimes themselves)

6. They face a dilemma joining a new social network. It’s too much crowd to handle. But then, they like communicating through ‘type’ modes. And it makes them spare phone calls. When they join, their logged in time never exceeds 10minutes (or maybe less), on an average.

7. They tell you they’re not ‘comfortable’ doing this, that, what not etc. But the next moment, you get a surprise. Keep figuring them out.

8. They can seem like a different person with A, different with B, but they’re all true. 100 percent genuine. I repeat, keep figuring them out.

9. They find an inexplicable peace in sadness. Sounds melancholic, doesn’t it? But then, ‘melancholy’ is on the list of my favourite words. That’s the point.

10. They may be quiet. But they speak through their pursuits. Keep an eye on their choices.

11. They can laugh harder than you can imagine, and they can suppress an engulfing ocean deep inside. Sometimes doing both at the same time.

12. They’re often described as ‘weird’. And they take it as a compliment. :p

13. They can use both sides of the brain equally. If you underestimate them, you can be in for some surprises. If you have known them for like a decade or all your life, you can still be in for some surprises.

14. They like secret codes so much so that they can invent one for their own use. But after three years, they wouldn’t be able to make sense of it, and feel glad about it. 😀

15. With them, what you see is just what you get. But sometimes, what you see is what just you get.

16. They can talk to just one person for their whole life, without needing another person.

17. They might have an ‘old soul’ persona, but they can be so wild you would want to sober them down. And you may well be the one sipping alcohol.

18. They won’t flaunt their new car because it would make the others who don’t have it feel bad.

19. They only sound or look high-maintenance. They’re totally low-maintenance.

20. They don’t play hard to get. The shell is their habitat.

21. They’re yet to meet someone more understanding than them. And secretly, they might not even want to. 😉

22. Some of them can consider themselves ‘middle-order everything’. But in reality, they might really be the jack of all trades.

23. Their stupidity is their innate talent. A part of them will always remain rather underdeveloped. That’s why they can do anything. The OMG standard anything!

24. You mention Eid, and instead of wishing you back, they are reminded of the Muslim actor who has left a serial. God, they can be random.

25. At times, their favourite colour will be a shade you won’t know the name of.

26. They’ll act shy with you for a while when meeting after a long time, no matter how comfortable they’re with you. They’ll be shier if you make their heart flutter.

27. Ok, here’s a secret. When they’ve vanished, you’ll probably find them with their head inside their wardrobe (yes, inside. If it’s bigger, you’ll probably find them sitting inside) or camouflaging with some other ‘hiding place’. Tell them to turn around. Ouch, it’s not a pretty sight.

28. They really don’t mind you not talking, as long as they’re looking outside the window. And most of the time, they wish even you didn’t mind.

29. They’re quite content sitting at home doing nothing. They secretly wish for that party to get cancelled.

30. Bathrooms are a great place to think through things. They couldn’t agree more.

31. They haven’t changed many of their childhood habits. Well, old habits die hard.

32. They can’t say ‘sorry’, and it’s got nothing to do with the ego. But their actions speak louder than their unspoken words.

33. Many of them have OCD.

34. They don’t enjoy dress-rehearsals and/or shopping with more than one person (who in all likelihood will be a parent). Too many opinions, too many judgments, bah.

35. While growing up, they never had fun breaking rules. Most of the time, they never get the urge to break rules. But they can be rather unconventional themselves.

36. They might consciously or unconsciously or even subconsciously keep a distance from you if they get to know you’re interested in them.

37. They almost NEVER like the things the whole world is mad about.

38. Their secrets are not sinister. Their secrets are a part of themselves.

39. They’re absent-minded. But they’re not dimwitted. You would never know if you keep discarding their opinions and sentiments.

40. The intoverts among the abovementioned usually need an extrovert to bring them out. The more you ask (gently), the more (or less) you’ll figure out. If you stop talking to them one day, they’ll probably assume the worst and would decide not to bother you. If they initiate a conversation, it simply means that they care about you, and about the equation they have (or had) with you. If they are the only one initiating all the time, it won’t be long before they vanish off the face of this earth. If they don’t initiate, either they don’t care or else they don’t have anything much to say to you.

41. They like clicking photographs more than posing. They feel a sense of awkardness with respect to posing, parlours and parties. In short, all places where they might feel ‘exposed’.

42. Many of them are probably thinking about making this list lengthier. Since it is already painfully long, the list will be published after multiple undo-s and redo-s. Not to mention multiple scrolls before hitting the ‘Publish’ button. Keep checking for re-edits. 😉


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