Disclaimer: Uncharitable social butterflies need not read this one. I just feel that I am entitled to my views, but I would like to apologize for not feeling like apologizing, because..well, I have explained my reasons below. If you want to understand the bitter truth (I assume you already know it), read on..otherwise, you can go back to what you’re best at doing.

I will NEVER be able to understand the rationale, the logic, the meaning behind something totally aimless. In particular, I am aiming at social meetings and groups and parties where people gather to put on a grand show of what they spend and how they spend. Ask why they spend, and most of them would not have a clue. It’s a way of life for them. It doesn’t matter if they were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. As long as they are indulging in the ostentatious practices, they’re all the same. Flaunting their latest (read branded and extremely expensive) gadgets, bags, accessories, clothes, shoes, and what not is a status symbol for them. 

In every country, there is a wide disparity to be seen. The disparity is enlarging so much that these ‘butterflies’ could well be from another planet. The people who arrive to embellish a huge building built for the purpose of hosting their so-called parties are probably not even aware that the waiter who serves them food lives in a nearby slum. This guy would probably faint due to happiness if he ever saw that kind of money in his hand. But then, he would wake up and start spending it in a manner which is, in my words, ridiculous. That’s what money does to people, after all. The world is going through a recession, people are dying of hunger, poverty, unemployment, and depression. Yes, depression. Which slum-dweller wouldn’t feel unhappy, jealous, miserable and almost suicidal at the sight of such show-off? It’s human nature to desire what we don’t have. And this open display of money can trigger off far-reaching consequences. 

I am not saying that people should stop living their own lives to please the others, but I think it is extremely important to understand the value of some things. Humanity, charity, compassion-all these are rather underrated values which we mustn’t let go of so easily. These socialites can contribute a great deal by simply being a part of some just cause to which they can devote some amount of attention. If they have to pass time AND spend money AND show off, charity can fulfil their ambitions. All of them, and at once. But I hope they add one more ambition to their list: that of thinking about others. If they have been blessed, they need to discover why. And if they’re capable of bringing a smile to somebody’s face, they’ll get that blessing in return. What we give is what we get back..The ‘show’ must always go on..


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