She entered the classroom wearing baggy pants. She usually teamed them up with a T-shirt. She looked really cool in that attire, except that it was a combination I had witnessed for the first time.Everybody looked up to, and at her. She did not have the best figure on the planet, but she was beautiful. She was opinionated, and she believed in her opinions, whether anybody else did or not. That did not mean she did not care. She was a complete people’s person. She liked to positively stir things up once in a while, but that would make her seem even more visible and livelier, if nothing else. She wanted the government to legalise drugs and did not mind alcohol. But she had an array of visions behind her spectacles. She was passionate in her arguments, and could transform into the politest little girl while talking to a parent. I pointed out her sweetness to her, and she told me that for all her rebellious mind, she liked to respect her elders. She considered herself rather disagreeable for the older generations, but she confessed that people somehow immediately took to liking her. She could never understand why. I was one of those persons she had managed to charm. Perhaps it was her ready-to-help nature, or was it her simplicity? She put eyeliner one day, and I thought to myself that she looked like an even more enhanced version of a shining diva, a rockstar. She could definitely rock the podium, for she had the will to be true to herself, and everybody else.
A bunch of girls had been left feeling insecure because apparently their boyfriends had told them to lose weight. I thought those girls were really pretty, and I did not understand why those loverboys and their madly-in-love girlfriends could not see what I could see. Suddenly someone beside me voiced my opinion. She told them that they should be confident about their bodies, and carry themselves the way they wanted to. I had always heard something like this coming from people who would end up contradicting themselves. So I was not sure if she meant it. But as I came to gradually know her, I realised that she carried the weight of those words in the way she carried herself. She oozed the confidence that was her own, and nobody could snatch it away from her. I found myself developing an instant admiration for this individual who believed in respecting individuality. Maybe that’s why she was a people’s person, maybe that’s why she was a saint who considered herself a sinner.


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