Women are often underestimated, looked down upon, harassed and deprived of the very freedom that they give birth to. After all, they are the ones who give every person on this planet the freedom to breathe, and the freedom to live. They give life as a gift. They symbolise life. Exceptions aside, a woman’s love is unconditional. A woman’s passion is undeterred. Tonight my muse is MC Mary Kom. What a brilliant movie! Priyanka Chopra is one lucky woman who got a chance to act in and as Mary Kom. The movie is ALL about the strength of a woman. It is about life itself, because everybody is dealing with their own battles. And she had to face her share too. But if there’s any greatness in this world, it has come at the cost of a lot of struggle, pain, loss, and perspiration. Every fighter in this world has to get washed in their tears and come out stronger, for that is what real life is about. Because if something does not kill you physically, it is bound to make your spirit stronger. (My closest friend preached me about this philosophy once, in great detail ). And women, since time immemorial, have had to battle against a plethora of trials. 

I loved the way she was in love with her first love! ‘I love boxing, I love boxing, I love boxing, I love boxing…’. She first had to fight her father, who wouldn’t give her approval. She secretly pursued her dream with the help of her motivating coach (again a great necessity for any fighter) and went on to become Mary Kom, and in the face of a tough choice between her father and boxing, she chose boxing. It is not easy for a girl to make that choice, because us girls are like the heartbeat of our doting fathers. But he soon realised that his daughter was no ordinary woman, and joined the group of her ardent fans.

They say, behind every successful man is a woman. But behind every successful woman is her family, who stands by her. Before marriage, it is her father, and after marriage, it is her husband. Mary Kom was lucky in love, and thankfully so, because if it were not for her supportive husband, she would not have been able to get up. (Watch the movie for the funny scene :P). I think it is VERY important for a woman (who is interested in marriage) to find the right life partner. There are many ‘nice’ men out there, but not everyone is ‘right’. I personally fell in love with his character. He makes every woman want to look at the institution of marriage in a very positive (and hopeful) way. And he definitely made even a golgappa stall ultra-special. 😀 Blessed are the women who have been blessed with husbands who have the capability to convert hell into paradise. And to top it all, he took the responsibility of such adorable babies! Not many men have the courage or the love in their hearts to make such small and big sacrifices. Such men definitely do a great job in raising the hopes for all the eligible unmarried women. 😛 If these incidents are really true and not at all altered or fictitious, I must say Mary Kom is one lucky wife. Bless them.

Mothers and their babies have a connection which resembles none other in this world. The last few minutes of the movie nearly made me cry as I was not aware of the real life story of Mary Kom. It was such an emotionally charged scene, and so intimate. That is what REAL intimacy is about. And is there any bond more closely knit than that of a mother and her child? I don’t think so. I used to think even husband and wife are like that pair, but the growing rate of divorces and extramarital affairs have sort of distorted my view a bit and I have been forced to place them at a second place. People these days make light of relationships. Can’t blame them always, but sometimes it is indeed more like a use-and-throw thing. And then there are those couples who are eternally committed to each other, no matter what. Bless them. Anyway, digressing from the digression, a mother’s love is pure, unadulterated, absolutely unconditional. God made her fragile, because the fragility of a crystal is not its weakness, but its fineness. But God definitely made her out of solid stuff, because if a woman can give birth to a child, she can do ANYTHING. Mary Kom’s ‘Coach Sir’ vouches for this in the movie by telling her something so profound, so optimistic, but so true: ‘A woman becomes stronger after she becomes a mother. So you now contain double the power, and thus we’ll have to work doubly harder.’ Salaam India, Salaam Women power!

P.S.- My favourite song from the movie is ‘Dil ye ziddi hai’. They say some men are strong and silent. I say, that a woman’s stubbornness gets manifested through her resilience. There lies her ultimate strength. If she loves you, she’s stubborn about it. If she dislikes you, she’s stubborn about it too. So my message to all the perverts, rapists, misogynists, sadists, sexists, stalkers, manipulators, and of course, heartbreakers (and to all those species of men that may be missing in this list): The least she can do is make you. The least you can do is make her proud. Amen.


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