Dark is beautiful

A dark room can evoke many sensations, many storms, and many a realisation

Dark is traumatic

That’s why everyone is scared to plunge into the depths of the oceans.

Dark is magic

It makes us realise (often the hard way) that the world is bipolar

Dark is toxic, like the Black Lung Disease

Everyone knows what it does, and it is bereft of a cure

Dark are eyes that want to merge with Light

They get sealed before they open

Dark are clouds up in the blue sky

They can wash off all the colours off the Earth

Dark is that joke

That mocks ignorance

Dark is the hole

Which widens as the butcher’s knife gropes deeper

Dark is the peace

Which is found in a narrow stream of light

Dark is the lens

Through which the world gets captured nowadays

Dark is the coma

Which seems akin to therapy in retrospect

Dark is blindness

Doesn’t let you see the cliff

Doesn’t let you see the high-jump

Doesn’t let you see that push

Doesn’t even let you drown

Feels it all nonetheless..

Musicians and artists have the ability to rescue people while they’re on their stage, and they let passion turn into catharsis. Huge fan of this one, Avril!


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