When the Heart Speaks…Listen (by Nancy Joy Hefron) [Source:]

“Your heart doesn’t question; it already FEELS the truth for you….Your heart knows that the past and the future are happening now. Be in this moment and feel the whole truth of your heart. Place your choices in my care and trust! Ask yourself when you are uncertain, do I feel love in my heart when I think of this or that or does my ego start its dialogue of deception to keep you from your power.

I know not the word safety for your Divine Self is the source of your supply and that source lives within your heart. I will call you to risk and invite change to become your playmate as you dance the dance of life. Change is the source of my expansion and I will sing to you of dreams that call you into action. Impossible is a word created to limit the heart and I die bit by bit when any of you move into complacency, feeling your dreams are impossible. Any action taken with loving intent fortifies me and creates life force within me that I might expand so you can feel my power in ever cell in your body. I call you now deep into your body so together we may heal your emotions.

Sometimes you feel as if you heart is breaking when a source of love is withdrawn from you. What you are actually feeling is the void within me where I have not been loved and called forth to co-create joy, grace and abundance in your life. I am so gripped at times by your pain that I take on the pain you refuse to feel for you and it physically attacks my ability to pump life through your channels. Feel you own pain so that I do not have to. Through that experience you will find those parts of me you have forgotten and wounded.”


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