It’s a common notion that when a person leads his/her life by choice, he must be an extremely happy, satisfied person. Little is it realised that when the choice is between two equally hard options, or when the choice lies in choosing the lack of options, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to put a finger on one. And it only gets harder after that, because one has to live with the consequences of making that decision. Full responsibility is to be taken for a lot of things, because “it was your choice, deal with it”. It’s much easier to choose a life that is free of strife and struggle, trials and tribulation. But as Mother Teresa said, ‘…to choose always the hardest’. It is not easy to make that kind of a choice. Yes, one lives a life just once. But in our afterlives, we are not going to remember how we lived, are we? So why should it matter how we live, as long as we have our own definition (‘difficult’ as it may be)  of ‘living life to the fullest’?

I have come to believe that many people on this planet fall into a category I can’t find appropriate words to describe. God gives them freedom to change how the world looks, how the world thinks, and even how the world feels. They lead extraordinary lives, not because they like to wear classy clothes, but because they are themselves ‘classic’. Some of them are born intense and insane, and the others gradually become invisibly intense, and invisibly insane. They almost always fit in, but then someday, someone realises that it’s NA, i.e., they stand out. They come invariably in all shapes, sizes, and all MBTI types, but all of them have some things in common: faith- in themselves, and in their ‘different’ beliefs, perseverance, tenacity, a killer/fighter spirit, and above all, an ability to deflect failure away from their heart, and success away from their head.

All of us have our own battles in life, and I like to believe that our choices are God’s choices. Our desires are God’s desires. We can never ‘make’ anything happen. There is no coincidence.  Our mistakes are our lessons that God wants us to learn from. Our successes are our strengths that God wants us to see. Our weaknesses exist because God wants us to have compassion for those who mirror our weaknesses. Our choices definitely determine who we are, atleast in the ‘earthly’ sense, but who we become is ultimately not that ‘earthly’ choice of ours, because each one of us has been chosen by God for different purposes. Maybe that’s why, these ‘extraordinary’ folks lead lives that speak volumes about inner journeys, because God chooses them for ‘higher things’, and God makes them seem like ‘old souls’. Maybe they are just that, inhabiting an umpteenth body for the umpteenth time, after having ‘grown up’ in past lives. We never know who we might come across. They could be lightworkers or angels, magnifying the message of 11:11- there’s a reason for our existence, and that reason is divine. The price of spreading these messages across, must indeed be priceless…


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