She entered the NO ENTRY zone. She had never won a single bet, and here she was, tottering like a femme fatale, and at her ravishing best. Maybe that’s why she was being so optimistic. She considered herself quite a loser, but this time, she wanted to lose herself in the game. She bet on a bait that was seldom chosen. Was she inebriated? Oh, no. She was high on happiness, and she wanted to give limelight to this bait. It was her favourite. Oh boy, she bet heavily on it. She bet so much that the wheel is still not turning, and she’ll win if the bait doesn’t get hooked. She’ll win if the bait bets on itself..Sounds impossible? Maybe that’s why it has been her biggest gamble so far. The wheel is still not turning, and this time, on a different table. Another big gamble for her.


One thought on “You bet, I bet

  1. Reblogged this on Careless Whisper and commented:

    From betting to love to loving to bits.
    From taking a risk to the unfolding of the frisk.
    One still inebriated, the other drowning with tequila and lime
    Ever so careful of the careless whisper, they found partners in crime.

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