I repeat..rape is rape. WHY do we have to bring religion in it, or age, or profession, for that matter? If a 72 year old Christian nun got raped, the discussion should not revolve around the fact that she was a Christian, or an old lady, or a nun. In fact, there should be no discussion. There was a time when the word ‘rape’ in normal conversation would be uttered in whispers. And now, although it is openly discussed, it is done so only to reduce the dignity synonymous with a woman. and not to educate the so-called ‘superior’ sex. Whether it’s driven by misogyny, or lust, or a desire for control/power, it is a heinous act. It is unpardonable. A woman may be strong enough to get up on her feet, but such things scar her for life. As if that is never enough, she can’t even rest in peace after her death.
Why is there a need to make an issue out of an issue? An act of violence does not need to be voiced, it needs to be silenced. High time the ‘superior’ sex understood, AND complied.


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