1. Old-fashioned manners: chivalry, courtesy, politeness- are not myths.
2. Love ‘should’ happen among equals, but that’s homosexuality. A man and a woman are not equal.
3. There’s no need to come out of the closet. There’s a reason why it’s called ‘comfort’ zone.
4. Euphoria is intoxicating. It cripples the mind, just when you need the mind to work the most.
5. Attachment is easy, detachment is hard. Always choose the hardest, because the best things in the world require the hardest effort.
6. Don’t take anything seriously. Nobody else does.
7. How one does anything is how they do everything. If they have a ‘couldn’t-care-less’ attitude, you really can expect them to be careless. Be careful.
8. Don’t die to live. Someone will definitely backstab or kill you, so you need not bother about dying.
9. Ego and love cannot co-exist. Fear and love cannot co-exist. Selfless and selfish cannot co-exist. Vulnerability and stonewalling cannot co-exist.
10. Think as many times as the layers you have, before peeling them off. Someone will wound your naked flesh and soul.
11. Our elders are ALWAYS right. And insightful.
12. ‘Sacred’? ‘Exclusive’? These are obsolete words.
13. Those who think too much tend to care too much too. While the former is an accusation, the latter gets reduced to validation.
14. Party ‘animals’ describe some home sapiens aptly, and to a fault.
15. Checklist: #1. Integrity
16. It’s an era of a gratitude deficit. But an unconditional act shall never incur a ‘debt’. Good for those who can’t show gratitude, even better for those who can’t keep a score.
17. Those who lie are the ones who cannot trust. Those who are lied to are made to learn ‘how and why not to trust’.
18. Second ‘first’ impressions also happen. Compare both, and trust what’s in front of you.
19. No-contact rule can be a saviour in life. Literally, metaphorically, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.
20. There’s indeed a very thin line between bravery and stupidity. Love takes courage, but love’s stupid too. You’re stupid if you think you’re brave. No wonder you get stretched to breaking point.
21. Law of attraction works faster with nightmares and fears. It also performs the function of being the only answer to your unanswered questions.
22. How can time be a healer when the wound lies beneath a band-aid? Someday, the band-aid has to be removed. It may hurt again.
23. Love should be deaf and dumb, in the ^abovementioned scenario.
24. The ‘Zen’ mode is rarely appreciated. Drama may not be appreciated on stage, but in real life, it takes centrestage.

25. Learn to say ‘No’.

26. You always get back what you give. Applicable to selfish love, yes. NA to love, though.

27. The only people who can truly love unconditionally are parents.


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