Don’t smile at me like that
For it reaches your eyes
That gaze into my soul
Don’t use words to express what I don’t
I may encounter a deficit
Stay away, stay away
Let me get through the day

You’re magic to me
-Pure, untouched, mysterious-
Don’t turn into a facade
Don’t stare too long
I’ll burn to ashes
Let me be the Phoenix this time
Don’t hold my back
It’s wounded beyond repair
Don’t be the light fighting the deceit, often used to ensnare
‘Cause I’m wary of knocks on my shell
Let my fears stay intact, don’t you quell.

Look in front of you, at what’s made up of ice
Don’t reignite the fire
‘Cause the embers which like to pry
Leave me high and dry
Don’t spread your warmth like that
The ice will break away, break away
I’ll melt into tears in your bosom, stay away, stay away..


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