This is what happens if you’re a serial non-shopper 

1. You are unable to distinguish between the entry and the exit.
2. You look at old shops and ask ‘were they here before?’, and you look at new shops and react the same way.
3. You traverse a distance of 500m trying to look for ‘your’ shop, not noticing that it was in front of your eyes, or adjacent to your eyes, all this time. You realise you could have let your eyes hover a bit, instead of looking in the same direction.
4. You enter a gift shop and exclaim (inside your head), “Whatever happened to the cards? Why are they so, I need a small one :'(“.
5. You exclaim (inside your head) when you look at the mannequins wearing something that you ordered a couple of days back. Then you tell yourself, “C’mon kiddo, this is in fashion. Ok? You’re not the only one who noticed it. Be thankful..for a change, you noticed it”.
6. You feel as though you’re a generation late while you’re busy window-shopping, while walking at top-speed.
7. You order 4 patties and when he announces an unbelievable amount to be paid, then you ask the price of one patty. “Sorry, what? How much does one patty cost, did you say?”
8. You tell the man to pack a cake, and just when he is about to put it in a box, you change your mind, because you just spotted what the birthday person likes the most. Phew.
9. You forget to tell them to write ‘happy birthday’ on a birthday cake, and halfway out of the shop, you thank God for making you not forget the candles. Inside your head, you’re wondering what the seller is thinking about you at this moment.
10. Most things seem almost ‘exotic’ to you, and you feel like an alien amidst serial shoppers.
11. You tell yourself, ‘I really need to go shopping, more and more, and on my own’.



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