I wish I could do something for you

Instead of wishing that your daughter didn’t fall sick

I wish I could watch you shop to your heart’s content

So I could feel at peace

I was born a Princess

I know you want to be the Best Daddy too

I realise the futility of my wants

When I watch you burn to fulfill your basic needs

The earth can tear apart your hut

The water flows only to wash your little pleasures away

The air lifts you up only to offer a free-fall

Your ashen face mirrors your fiery, teary eyes

I laugh at the frivolity of my temptations

When I see how you economise every damned thing

Those holes in your T-shirt

Penetrate my thin skin

And make me unlearn for a while

That there are two worlds on this Earth:

One that clothes the other

And one, that’s savagely stripped naked

Where life’s a double jeopardy for you

Where you travel in, on and around a vicious circle

But I know we both agree,

That the grass is always greener on the ‘other’ side,

And I’ll tell you why

Feel good that you can feel, my dear friend

Feel through those leftover scars

That narrate stories woven in a million fibres

The rawness that runs in your veins

Stings me from afar

All you ever did was,

Leave your door ajar

The trail may no longer be visible on your cheeks sunken

But I can still feel the mist turn into dew

I may have my heart broken

But it will always go out to you..


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