Upwelling in the ocean. No, downwelling in the ocean. Upwelling again. Sinking to cold bottoms. Hiding it from the rain. Loving it through the rain. A taste of wet earth aptly typed as adventure.

The cocoon lights up sometimes. Sometimes, the surrounding blue camouflages it. Creatures of the ocean keep it safe and warm. Ironically, the stillness can be overwhelming. It can engulf, it’s scary.

Trying to call on sunlight, but afraid to burn. Not sure if it can reach the darkness, but hoping it does. ‘Cause the warmth still melts the cocoon, which loses itself in the plumbing depths. Ah, was that heaven? It readies for new deaths to reach there, but it always reaches the shore.

It’s gathering moss because it doesn’t have courage to lose sight of the shallow shore. That’s where it unites with the sun, which brightens it, and that’s a new home. Everytime.

It belongs to the ocean, and it has beenlonging for the sun. But the only way it can reach the sun is by traversing large heights, and the only way it gets back to the ocean is by falling inside its depths from that great height. It was scared of the climb uphill, and it got hurt when it landed straight into the ocean. The displacement activated a whirlpool in the still waters. The displacement might carry it to a new shore, a new ‘home’..it’s a new fear.

Calling on sunlight, which focusses on a new hemisphere right now.

“If you must reach the cocoon, be ready to dive into the low”.


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