People are not born artists..they are either discovered, or they develop into becoming artists. And since no man or woman is an island, these budding artists inevitably come across people who not only have no eye for appreciation, but they have no eye for criticism either. It translates into abject rejection, which is worse than criticism. And it pinches hardest when the object is meant for an object of affection, who decides to be brutal by keeping mum.

A budding artist is called ‘budding’ because it’s possible to draw an analogy with a flower bud, which opens up when it gets conducive conditions to thrive in. It opens up in the presence of the warmth of the sunlight, and the presence of nourishment by water. A flower in full bloom is so aesthetically pleasing, and similarly, the world has seen aesthetically pleasing pieces and voices.

Most ‘buds’ have thin skin, and it takes a certain amount of polishing and simultaneous, objective criticism to make them develop a thicker skin, and bloom completely. Rejection can be cruel to them..and that moment (or those moments) will remain etched forever in their (fortunately or unfortunately) elephantine memories. They will be constantly reminded to stay strong each time their art makes them weak. It sounds ironic because they often remember the days when that very art displayed their strength in the most beautiful form: vulnerability. To reject their creations is akin to tarnishing them and scarring them..sometimes, for life.

Some of them take things at face value, and that is why, they’ll never figure out ulterior, selfish motives of their ‘well-wishers’. And it is paradoxical that you’ll understand them best when you learn to read between the lines..they probably weave secret messages for you between those lines. That’s how they are..secretive, but not shady. When the bag of secrets gets opened, it’s like opening a bag of Christmas’s THAT delightful. They’re finally..and quite literally, out of the box. And in all probability, the transition hasn’t been all that easy for them, even though their adaptability might betray their discomfort with a new ‘comfort zone’. Never underestimate the power of a few magic words like ‘Thankyou’, ‘Please’, ‘Sorry’ on these magical creatures. They’re not like their harsh they’ll forgive. The next day, they’ll forget also.

But some things can never be forgotten. For instance, this post is delayed by 1 year, 8 months, and 1 day. 


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