Popularity, fame, papparazzi..we hear these words, and our eyes light up like the lights from the cameras in action. The undivided attention, the pampering sessions in spas and parlours galore, the glossy magazine covers shimmering with the glow of makeup, the indecisiveness brought on by the uncountable shoes and dresses..phew. That’s the whole point. Isn’t it tiring? I am sure it is.
Stressful even. After spending a day smiling at the shutterbugs despite that agonizing feeling in the feet because of the 6-inch stilettos, one would want to relax. If I were in the shoes of someone like that, I would probably go cranky and refuse to meet people for the next 10 days, don an attire that would make me look unrecognisable, and vanish in thin air. Literally. But then,  I am not a public personality, a celebrity. Ah, such a relief!
What could get more ironical than the news headline that displays curiosity about whether an actress has got too much on her plate, juxtaposed with a few more headlines about that actress’s whereabouts, hideouts, makeup kits, and oiling regimen. I feel like saying-well, aren’t you adding on to her plate? Give hear a breather, and give me a break, I want to sigh and scream at them at the same time. I wonder how she would feel if she read all that. It’s annoying to see people diving their noses in someone else’s life, and if it’s annoying to me, I don’t know how these famous personalities cope. I think they have developed a thicker skin overtime, despite following a regimen for reaching size zero. By the way, that regimen shall be soon in the papers, or worse..on the news feed. With full details, including the brand of toothbrush and shaving gel that’s being used.
With deification becoming the new norm, the ‘act’ in the actors is getting lost to some extent. With so much emphasis on how they dress, how they eat, who they date..their personal choices become dinner table conversations. No wonder then that some of them do their best to hide their personal lives away, and when someone comes out in the open, they are considered ‘brave’. The media either becomes their arch-enemy, or their best friend. There are no greys in that zone.
We really need to start treating celebs as ‘normal’ human beings, instead of driving them up the wall. Thankfully, I cannot empathise with them, but I can certainly sympathise with them. May I add that I pity them, because right now, I am grateful for living on a slice of Heaven, where I don’t even need an ‘intruder alert’ or ‘Do not Disturb’ signs. Maybe that’s why. I can use the ‘Welcome’ footmats. For a really short while. Till I become cranky.


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