It’s crazy to sit atop the roof of a bus..actually it’s crazier to lie down atop the roof which is not even cushioned properly. It’s crazy and wild to go bungee-jumping, white-water rafting. Well, is it crazy just because they’re adventure sports? I don’t think so. In fact, these things become crazy when they are the things you feared, and you still go ahead and do them. The world admires you when you do these things in spite of your doesn’t admire your feats, it admires your guts, your sheer craziness. It’s indeed crazy to face fears, isn’t it? How does one define ‘crazy’? I’m at a loss, but I’ll attempt to solve the riddle through this post.

So crazy can be stupid, and crazy can be brave. Or both. It’s crazy to risk your life for someone who doesn’t, and won’t care about you, ever. Actually, it’s stupid. But whatever. Crazy is making others feel like you’re hopeless, and making people feel like they are losing control over you, when in fact, it’s you who loses control over yourself when you act crazy. Lovers are crazy..all of them. If you don’t go crazy about someone you THINK you’re in love with, you’re not in love with them. It’s the simplest fundamental, and yet it complicates lives, for lifetimes. It makes the cliche-‘It’s better to have loved and lost than not loved at all’ seem worthwhile. Unbelievable become so many things when you re-run the script that became a flop movie. “Did I actually do that?!”, one can’t help but exclaim every once in a while. Love is is kind, love means slowly LOSING YOUR MIND. See, sums it up. Crazy Stupid Love.

Ok, and what about those ‘sane’ people who have the craziest of ideas. Nobel prize winners. Don’t they look sane? But some of them (actually, most of them) are eccentric. They thought out-of-the-box, and ended up being rewarded for being crazy. Aha! moment. Creativity is often may lead many artists into trouble, but another cliche goes that justifies their crazy acts: ‘Art is for the classes, not the masses’. Basically, artists who are often described by the means of a limited vocabulary comprising of words such as ‘classy’, and ‘sophisticated’ actually let themselves loose through their colour palettes, style statements, sheets and sheets of paper with random scribbles (which actually make sense to the ‘classes’), dance movements, unconventional routines (A.R. Rahman produces his best music post midnight). So do not underestimate that demure playback singer who shies away from the world in a comfortable studio..if she can sing an item song, she sure as hell loves to dance, and let her (tied up) hair down, literally.

I am sure I have missed out many more relevant examples, but there is one truth that every ‘crazy’ person will agree with (only during his or her crazy moments): It takes a certain amount of vulnerability to display craziness. It doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to shout from the rooftop, or that one has to behave like a sinner. We listen to a great leader give an oratorically rich speech, but seldom are we aware of the nerves that he or she overcame in silence, before appearing on the dais. His speech was like veneered craziness, but his overcoming the inhibition was real craziness. Unleashing real craziness takes real courage. Because when we face the reality through our craziness, we end up creating magic. And often, true courage (and true craziness) is silent.


2 thoughts on “The silent crazy

  1. You’re right. We’re never shown what’s underneath.
    There’s a certain charm in insanity. We have no inhibitions, we’re willing to try everything and we learn to live. 🙂

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