That’s two exclamation marks. There’s something about this Independence Day. It is making me feel prouder, happier  and perhaps more patriotic than usual. This 15th August is special. (Maybe because I have just half-finished a rather exhausting task that I was feeling so inertial about..looks like I am celebrating my own Independence by blogging). It’s ironic that I don’t like it when I realise that elders around me are getting older, but my country is 70 years old tonight/today, and there’s something so nostalgic about it (even though I have no access to that nostalgia except through endless History textbooks). Something happy about getting older..and that can only happen when we are talking about our Motherland (Well, I excuse those who enjoy growing old).

Yes, we have so much to deal with on all sides of all our borders. Yes, we have to deal with so many problems at the end of the day and at the beginning of the night. I am not endorsing any govt when I say “Ache din aaenge”, because there’s something about every Independence Day that makes me believe in it. Perhaps it is the legacy of our freedom fighters..maybe, it’s their sacrifice that we smell in the air on this day every year..or maybe it’s the undying spirit of our brave soldiers who lay down their lives so that we can live in peace..Maybe, ’cause this kind of freedom does not get bestowed upon everybody. It’s one thing to soar like a bird while paragliding (I am not disregarding the thrill and the fun..not at all :P), and it’s another to help save lives of those who are stranded in some Godforsaken valley. It’s one thing to talk and brag about doing something ‘brave’, and it’s another to fall asleep silent, like a Hero, like a martyr.

Freedom is responsibility, like all the intangible goodies in life. It’s one responsibility that is our biggest legacy. It foretells and repeats a shared destiny.

Happy Freedom, India. Happy 70th. Jai Hind! ❤



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