I don’t know what’s so special about the midnight, that all the epiphanies find their way straight to my mind, and my heart. Tonight, I have realised the fundamental truth about all those epic romances that we like to read about, but would never wish to live..romances that look good for all their drama on-screen, but off-screen, they resemble nothing more than a pail of tears..romances that never last forever, but the love does.

Tonight, I have realised that ‘love marriage’ is a myth. True love has no destination, no boundaries, it knows nothing except sheer love. I know I am rationalizing the most irrational thing in this world, but I feel in my heart that it makes sense. Since true love has no destination, it has no destiny of its own. It is like breeze, or a wave, or anything else that’s ‘temporary’. How can people who truly love ever meet and stay together when they are meant to part? If marriage is a destination for lovers, how can the journey of lovers just end like that? Marriage is always a beginning, and that’s why it is not meant for lovers. Because lovers never marry..soulmates get married. I realise tonight that the legends of Romeo-Juliet, Mirza-Sahiba, Sohni-Mahiwal, Heer-Ranjha and so many others are not just romances..they are very much real. It is hard to imagine that something magical like true love can be so real..but the ironical truth is that it gets most real when a romance turns into a tragedy. Life suddenly starts to seem like death, and that’s when it gets real. REAL. THAT’s real love.

Hmm, this suddenly seems funny, but real: love marriages are a myth. Lovers never ‘start’ somewhere; as Rumi says, “they are present in each other all along”. I say that they never reach a finishing line. That’s why, love is eternal even when lovers die. Love keeps itself alive in the form of something that remains untouched and untarnished, something so removed from the business-as-usual scenarios of 21st century love. For example, forgiveness, or forgetfulness, or compassion. But marriage is a different ballgame altogether. Matrimony requires one to be practical, as opposed to being in love which requires no IQ. That’s why, someone has said, “Matrimony is the tomb of love”

I hope I come back to this blog time and again to recall my wisdom, lest love should come  knocking at my nuptial door.



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