We go happily about our lives, and absolutely content with what we have, until that one judgmental comment makes us want to make a choice: accept the comment, seek further validation by proving the opposite, or seek no validation and yet prove the opposite. Of course I am talking about being underestimated. It is fun to be underestimated. It adds spice to our (and theirs) lives. The apparent boring becomes sizzling, the apparent sizzling turns out to be boring. But it is fun only for those who are comfortable with themselves. ‘I don’t care’ attitude is not meant only for the egoists, but also for those who really are not bothered by the little jibes- ‘You can’t do this’, ‘I can’t imagine you doing that!’, and what not.

We limit ourselves when we start believing in false beliefs. This is the point where we need to listen to our hearts. The heart always wants to believe in the truth, and wants to hear the truth. Validation is another illusion in life. A person knows himself or herself the best, provided he or she finds time to introspect on a regular basis. A person who does not know themselves will find it difficult to understand others, and will obviously end up underestimating. If our heart knows the limitless, we will not stop ourselves at the limits drawn by others.

Ah, but it is indeed fun to be somewhat akin to a surprise package, even for ourselves. Isn’t that what life is anyway about? Surprising family members and friends and foes who (think they) know us the best can be both hilarious and amusing. And satisfying. So my dear folks, before they tag you as a ‘bundle of contradictions’, you should contradict them by proving that it is they who might end up as a ‘bundle of contradictions’. Simple.


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