‘Struggles’ that are spawned through Minimalism, Introversion and Mintroversion (I just made this up):

  1. You don’t understand what is the need to spend money on the unwanted interior decoration of a house when all you look forward to is a ‘home’.
  2.  Your definition of ‘home’: adorable family members, a bed made comfortable with just a nice blanket and a book/TV/Newspapers/Laptop, a small garden whose inhabitants can provide a solitary soul with great (and not talkative) company, and a room solely dedicated to your creative pursuits.
  3. You don’t understand the need for buying things ‘just like that’ (yes, either you’re a utilitarian or you’re just a pragmatic Capricorn or both..I am neither, but I behave like both)
  4. You want to scream ‘No, please, no’, ‘Not me’, ‘Count me out’ everytime you get an invitation for going on a shopping spree or a social event (because you wish you could just get a solitary room where you could read unfinished books)
  5. You wish people talked less..like, really less, unless they had something intelligent to speak on. Why can’t they just keep quiet and not argue on each and everything just because they have to, or not try to show off their half-baked knowledge if they cannot have an intellectual argument? Secondly, you wish they expected less from you in terms of the ability to steer a conversation, because you clearly are bad at it.
  6. You wish more and more that people talked less..on the news channels, in the Indian daily soaps, during traffic, in aircraft, in the movie halls, and in all the Godforsaken places where you could always find someone moving their lips and making noise. Why can’t they just sit and write type?
  7. You don’t understand the need to spend money on Android phones (I really have a grudge against android-developers..this is monopoly, dominance and everything else) when your old Nokia (equally ‘smart’ phone) working on Symbian OS was working absolutely fine.
  8. Marriages..yes. What’s the point of spending money on destination and theme-based weddings and pre-wedding shoot when all that money could be spent on some good cause? If you’re traditional enough to accept the institution of marriage, you can marry without showing off.
  9. Ok, I accept that people have different wishes and they are entitled to wish for a destination and theme-based wedding. But why force someone to come who does not want to be a part of all that? Why make someone dance or sing when they don’t want to? Why make them wear something they don’t want to? Just because it is their wedding day, they’ll become selfish. How manipulative.
  10. This one is for the 21st century girls and women. Please stop judging women who don’t walk with a hairless body, don’t prefer makeup and get irritated by trips to the parlour. Please let them be. They’re probably more resourceful, intelligent, smart, capable, tomboyish, pretty, and economically strained than you think you are. Never make the mistake of thinking that these women are sad or unwanted or undesirable or just boring. Stop thinking and acting like shallow guys and men, please. As women, you could support women.
  11. Food. You don’t understand why someone has a problem if you eat less. You could be health-conscious, diet-conscious or just not hungry enough. As long as you are not stealing their money or they are not really concerned, they should not be concerned.
  12. Last, but never the least..you don’t understand why people don’t understand the need for minimalism but they execute it brilliantly when it comes to love. They always love less. They are loveless..and heartless. But it’s ok..you are a better learner if you are grudge-less.

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