She has the night to herself

she has the darkness to herself

Does anyone need me,

she asks herself.

Her eyes stop short of smiling

as she laughs an unfamiliar insecurity away

Her tears scare everyone but herself

and that’s why, it’s such a struggle to be your ‘true’ self

Why are her tears obnoxious when she’s beautiful, she wonders

Why is her honesty scary when she’s still alive, she ponders

She notices them everywhere these days

Those that float on the skies

Prowl like the spies

and scowl like uncouth guys

A lady in the making

she’s shamed for being ‘such a girl’

The more helpless she seems,

the less help she needs

but she loses a bit of herself

everytime a river recedes

Shunned for not speaking

and misunderstood when speaking

She ruefully tries to recall the day

when someone was interested in what she had to say

She becomes a voice

only to get interrupted

She forgives in her big heart

follies caused by the dismissal of small details

Her pride as a woman

is now contingent on her behaving like a man

But act she will, for she does it best

She’ll play the macho-man with zest

Suppressing the woman in her chest

wondering how many times she will be put to a test.



For a woman, by a woman



2 thoughts on “Be a woman

  1. I have been reading your blog since 2015. Big big fan of your writing and of you 😉
    I hope we meet someday.

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