We tend to label people, we tend to label their relationships. ‘In a relationship’, ‘committed’, ‘casual’, ‘complicated’,  ‘friends-with-benefits’, etc. I want to add an extra  in the ‘etc’. Since most of us see marriage as the ‘ultimate’ form of relationship, we think that any kind of love that existed prior to the wedding should burn in the ashes during the wedding rituals. Does that really happen? I am dedicating this post to all those who, while they are experiencing the pain/joy of unrequited love, are told to stop stretching the waiting period and prepare to exchange vows at the altar.

I think unrequited love is somewhat akin to experiencing freedom in so many wonderful ways. It makes one creative, and freedom of expression often knows no bounds (except the obvious limitations created by the figurative distance). My heart goes out to these lovers, who feel compelled to embrace someone against their wish. Freedom is the most essential ingredient for feeling alive, and I don’t think there should be any more restrictions than are already created by unrequited love. A person should not be judged even if he/she falls in love with the most unlovable person, because a lover’s eyes see what nobody else can. For a passionate lover, love is the only reality, and his or her object of affection is the only object in the world about whom he/she cannot be objective AT ALL. It is a waste of time trying to tell someone like that to look at someone else in that light.

In this day and age, there is a HUGE dearth of real lovers. There is a dearth of people who marry for love. There is a dearth of people who value emotions, people who can sit for hours talking and discussing and even dissecting emotions. After all, what is life without emotions? Who are humans without emotions? And what is love without passion?

Moral of the story: Let lovers love. For as long as they want to. Some of them were made of love, born to love and die of love. Let them burn to ashes. Lovers are strong people. They rise from the ashes, and are never afraid of dying, because their love continues till eternity.  They can love many people at the same time, and will add you to their ever-growing list if you just let them be. Let lovers live.


3 thoughts on “Take lovers seriously

  1. Read something from Careless Whisper after a while.

    Finally got a breather today and this was the first mail I got. :D. Our timing always works ! Beautifully written Sherry.

    As you can guess, I totally agree understand and appreciate the article.



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